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Calling All Superheroes! (Volunteer Recruiting Tip)

Discovery Land - Tuesday, May 26, 2015

While recruiting volunteers should be an all-year-round activity, there are usually heavier recruit seasons -- times when you're forming a new team and need to let your needs be known to your congregation. Having something with some *POW* and *SHAZAM* can help open up conversations to share your vision and your needs.

​​Discovery Land's summer curriculum is superhero themed, and we designed a recruiting theme to match : ​Calling All Superheroes! ​ ​​​Each black outline ​​represented​​​​ a needed​ volunteer​. Once a volunteer commit​ted​ to serving​,​ they g​ot​ to pick an ​a​vatar​, ​write their name​ on it,​ and ​fill in ​a black outline.

The c​​lear box ​says​,​ "Will you ​answer the call​?​" ​and has​​​ a batman​-inspired​ red phone​ on it​.​ It ​was ​used ​to collect volunteer flyers.

We h​ope that ​​gives you some inspiration! 

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