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Creating a No Show Culture in Four Easy Steps

Discovery Land - Saturday, August 11, 2018
By Kris Smoll

If you desire to create a ​ministry ​culture of ​last-minute emergencies, closed rooms, ​​frustrated leaders, ​and ​irritated parents​, here​'s how you can achieve it in just four easy steps:

1) ​Arrive with a negative attitude​;​ very little effort will be needed to spread it to others as it​ is generally pretty contagious.​

2) If a ​volunteer doesn't arrive as scheduled, DO NOT follow up​. Do not text, or call, or show any concern for why they're not there.​
3) If a ​volunteer​ is not​ serving​ in their sweet spot, ​keep them in that position for as long as possible.​ Don't give them ​an opportunity to serve in a way that they are better suited for.
4) Reduce ​the ​structure ​in your children's ministry ​so the time spent with the kids is ​a taste of ​pure craziness.

If th​at's not what you're aiming for, instead:
1) Have a joyful​,​ positive attitude as you serve the Lord.​ Set the tone even before your program begins by send​ing ​out short​,​ weekly emails to set the vision, share God at work stories and ​give​ any important updates.
​2​) If ​a volunteer​ does not ​arrive as scheduled​, immediately follow up to make sure they are safe or ​check ​if ​you've ​miscommunicated with them. This show​s​ they are ​very valuable to the team.
​3​) Place people ​in ministry positions ​according to their gifts​,​ talents​, and interests​.
​4​) Follow your schedule, curriculum and expect optimum learning.

​Leaders can create a culture where volunteers ​feel honored and valued, and come ready to serve!
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