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I’d like a double portion, please

Discovery Land - Thursday, November 17, 2016

With the holidays upon us, we might think: I’d like an extra portion of mashed potatoes or the extra big piece of pie. Keep heaping it on there! Wouldn’t it be rude to be so bold to ask anyone, even our own parents, if we could have double what they had? Please give me my share plus!

Elisha did just that, though. When Elijah asked, “What is it I can leave you with?” Elisha answered, “Please, let there be a double portion of your spirit upon me.” Elisha didn’t want a cloak, a new staff, or a promise that everything would be ok. Elisha knew what the most important thing of all was: the spirit of the Lord, which had been with Elijah. Elisha wanted that, in double portion! 

It has me thinking: When was the last time I thought I can’t, I’m not strong enough, I don’t know enough, I need to know more, I need to be more ….? Unfortunately, the answer to that is: all too often.

Elisha has reminded me this morning, as I have prepared my DL lesson for the coming week, to start my morning with a simple, bold prayer:
Dear Lord, remind me that you are always with me and Father. Give me a double portion of your Spirit so that I might accomplish all you have for me today in boldness, and faith. Let me finish strong. Amen.

Reading and preparing my lessons each week, from Sunday to Sunday, allows me the time to think on and process all God has for me in His Word this week. What has God taught you this week in preparing for your Discovery Land lesson of the week?
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