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S is for Scrolls, Spinners, and Serious Organization

Discovery Land - Tuesday, February 28, 2017
Are you a Type-A person who loves organization? Or are you a creative type who loves new ideas? Either way, this up-close-and-personal look at Appleton Alliance's Resource Room is for you!

You won't find word searches or fill-in-the-blank worksheets in the Discovery Land program. Instead, we encourage teachers to bring the Bible to life using the ideas listed in the curriculum. These ideas often include things like using props, drawing comic strips right in the classroom, or putting on some simple costumes and acting it out.

At AAC, we stock a resource room for our teachers and we encourage teachers to check out and use what's in it before purchasing anything. But how do our teachers know what is available? And with three services and lots of volunteers and kids, how do we keep track of it all? Enter Jenny...a fabulous volunteer who has cleaned, organized, and created an amazing system. You can click the picture to see exactly what's in our resource room and how it's organized (this pdf was sent to our teachers, so they know what's in it).

Click Here to Download PDF

BUT WAIT! Before you click, maybe you're thinking "But I don't have a resource room. Or money to stock a resource room. Or Jenny." Don't be discouraged! Instead, use this to inspire you to take the next step for your children's ministry. You can start with a resource closet, shelf or tub. Choose a few key items that you think will be the most useful for your teachers and ask for donations (someone in your church might have what you're looking for sitting around at home!). And then come up with a simple organizational system that works for you and your volunteers. The final step is to remind your teachers often that the resources are available, and encourage them to use those resources to have fun BRINGING THE BIBLE TO LIFE for kids!
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