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Our God Is So Big!!!

Discovery Land - Friday, July 10, 2015
A team of 6 Discovery Land Global members ​recently​ returned from a week in Lima, Peru where we were able to see God working in Big and Wonderful ways.

It was a beautiful thing to witness the work of our God on both sides of the globe.
There were two late night training session​s​ which encouraged and enabled the Directors and leaders of our Peruvian churches to continue teaching children the Word of God with excellence, purpose and total time teaching. The dedication of those who gave up their night after a long day of work was remarkable and appreciated.

We were able to welcome ​IACyM ​Santa Anita​ ​to our Global Family and their hospitality ​of their church ​was fantastic​,​ but what will remain with us the most was the ability of their Pastor and Children's Director to communicate their love of children and their passion to reach them with the Gospel and offer them eternal hope.

As we visited the Chinese Christian Missionary Alliance in Peru, we were reminded of the everyday struggles that are transcontinental as their Pastor shared His heart to teach Children Bible based lessons and give them the Gospel, both for eternity and ​for a ​new way of life.

As rewarding as it was to meet with the leaders of Discovery Land Global and hear the love of Christ being shared and growing in their programs, the highlight of the trip was seeing the actual children of Lima at the Central church learning. We watched an entire morning of Discovery Land take place, from ​w​orship to Discover Time through ​t​eaching and ​r​eview games. I can assure you these children are learning the word of God, they are taking verses and hiding them in their hearts​,​ and they are growing in the knowledge of Christ.

Our God is so big, He is working in amazing ways through the Leaders, volunteers, parents and children of Peru.
We continue to pray for our Peruvian family and DL Global partners here and away!