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Recruiting with Purpose!

Discovery Land - Friday, November 11, 2016

By Kris Smoll

How do you recruit? This email recently came past my desk:

"We are in dire need of a lunchroom helper tomorrow, Thursday, November 10th and a lunchroom helper for EVERY day next week. If you are able to help in this area, please contact the office and let us know! Thank you in advance for your volunteer help, it is appreciated!"

Do you hear the stress and desperation in this email or do you hear the joy and value found in serving? What kind of response might they have gotten if they would have instead said, "Take time to meet your student’s best friends while serving lunch tomorrow. It will be one hour of smiles, great food and the ability to role model to your child a servant’s heart." Wouldn’t this make you as a parent catch a bigger picture of this great experience rather than just hearing this request as a desperate need?

How do you recruit for CM mid-year when you are short volunteers?

Here a few tips:

1) Explain the "why" behind the ministry.

2) Share how they will bless others and how they will gain from this opportunity.

3) Cheer for the ministry, rather than highlight how desperate you are.

4) Give clear instructions on how to sign up and how many people you need.

5) Share a short testimony (phrase) from a current leader: "Best part of my day!"

6) Include pictures as much as possible of the ministry blessing others.

7) Have a team of people pray specifically for each position needed.

8) Ask volunteers to recruit for you!

We never need to recruit out of frustration or desperation. Instead, we get to invite people to join the work of the living God!

Calling All Superheroes! (Volunteer Recruiting Tip)

Discovery Land - Tuesday, May 26, 2015

While recruiting volunteers should be an all-year-round activity, there are usually heavier recruit seasons -- times when you're forming a new team and need to let your needs be known to your congregation. Having something with some *POW* and *SHAZAM* can help open up conversations to share your vision and your needs.

​​Discovery Land's summer curriculum is superhero themed, and we designed a recruiting theme to match : ​Calling All Superheroes! ​ ​​​Each black outline ​​represented​​​​ a needed​ volunteer​. Once a volunteer commit​ted​ to serving​,​ they g​ot​ to pick an ​a​vatar​, ​write their name​ on it,​ and ​fill in ​a black outline.

The c​​lear box ​says​,​ "Will you ​answer the call​?​" ​and has​​​ a batman​-inspired​ red phone​ on it​.​ It ​was ​used ​to collect volunteer flyers.

We h​ope that ​​gives you some inspiration! 

Are You the Missing Piece?

Discovery Land - Monday, May 04, 2015

We all know that "THE ASK" is almost always the most effective way to invite volunteers into your ministry, but an attention-getting theme is a great way to prime the pump. A recruit theme that helps people feel part of the bigger picture, highlights that they are truly needed, and shows there are gaps without them can be especially helpful.  

For a recent recruit season at DL-Appleton, we ordered large puzzle pieces from: to create a giant puzzle.  When a volunteer signed up to serve, they wrote their name on a piece and added it to the giant puzzle. They saw that if we all work together, it's a beautiful, complete picture. Giant, colorful puzzle pieces made out of styrofoam or cardboard were also used for the "pop" and fun factor .

We've got a new superhero recruit theme coming up....description and pictures coming soon!!